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Divvies and Soy
That's Dedication Divvies cookies, popcorn and cupcakes (not including sprinkles and frosting) are made in the company's-own dedicated facility where no peanuts, tree nuts, milk or eggs enter the doors. And Divvies uses ingredients that are certified allergen-free. Divvies candies, frosting, and sprinkles are certified by their manufacturers to be peanut-, tree nut-, milk-, egg-free, and sesame-free and are packaged in Divvies Bakery. Divvies conducts routine testing to minimize the risk of any cross-contamination in their certified allergen-free ingredients.
Testing and Procedures All Divvies bakery goods and popcorn are made under the watchful eye of the Divvies staff who know how vitally important are the products they handle. They follow strict procedures to maintain the integrity of the facility and the products. Divvies goes beyond standard FDA requirements and takes extra steps to further minimize the risk of cross-contamination by conducting routine ELISA testing of raw ingredients as well as testing of finished products. See our bakery.
Product Information Divvies baked goods and popcorn are made fresh daily right in Divvies-own dedicated facility so that we can ship you the freshest, tastiest product possible. We may have left out peanuts, tree nuts, milk, and eggs, but we've left in delicious!
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Our Cookies Divvies knows that when you find a good thing, you always want to tell your friends. All Divvies Dozen & Doubles boxes come with an extra cookie wrapped separately to share. And when you need more than one to give away . . . Divvies presents its fantastical gift boxes in sizes very small (for party favors), small (for a tea party), . . . and large (for an office party). Shop our cookies.
Our Popcorn Divvies flavored popcorns are also made to share. Packed in the right size box to feed your crowd, Divvies popcorns come with their own scoop and circus-style serving boxes so that everyone can enjoy the delicious taste of fresh-popped popcorn without the taste of dirty little fingers. Shop our popcorn.
Our Cupcakes Moist little “pieces” of cake, these delicious reasons to celebrate are baked daily in Divvies dedicated bakery free from peanuts, tree nuts, eggs and milk. Divvies cupcakes become your creation, complete with your choice of frosting and a bag of gourmet sprinkles distributed by Divvies and made by a manufacturer whose ingredients are certified allergen-free. Decorate away! Shop our cupcakes.
Our Candy Divvies distributes a dazzling array of gourmet confections made by a manufacturer whose ingredients are certified allergen-free. Packaged in Divvies individual signature bags, these bundles are perfect for snacking, favors and care packages. Shop our candy.
Fresh The Divvies cookies, popcorn and cupcakes (frosting distributed by Divvies) are made right in Divvies own dedicated facility every day, to deliver you a quality product with a taste that always delights. Shop our products.
Freeze To have extra Divvies cookies and cupcakes on hand, just keep a few boxes in the freezer. You'll love the way they taste frozen-cold, crunchy, and flavored-packed. Or let them sit out for a bit and enjoy at room temperature.
Shipping/Delivery Your order will arrive in approximately 7-10 business days. If you need your order to arrive on a specific date, please contact us after placing your order and we will be happy to make the necessary shipping arrangements for you. We use UPS for shipping and need a street address ( no PO boxes) in order to process your order. If you are shipping to Canada, please contact us to make shipping arrangements. Shop our products.
Automatic Divvies Your child races through the door after school, opens the pantry ...no Divvies! That's bad. If you don't want to ever be caught without your Divvies again, place an Automatic Divvies order with us. Your order will ship automatically each month. So you can cross off "remember to buy Divvies" on your "to-do" list for six months or a full year and enjoy a 15% discount on every delivery! Convenience at a savings . . . .that's good!